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Is my mech good? Also, how can I get better stuff fast without paying with real money?

The Yeet Cheeto


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You shouldn't have maxed those swords, and upgraded the torso.

  • To improve your mech, find good items, from the mech you have, only Night Eagle, Supreme Cannon and Devouring Paws are good items, the rest of the weapons and the torso are garbage, and try to get a better drone, there are lots of drones better then Void
  • try saving tokens to buy premium packs or offers, premium boxes are also very garbage
  • when you have the opportunity to throw away the Banshee and the swords, use it, but only to transform items to legendary, like your legs.
  • To know an item is good, look the color point in their info tab, if it goes to the white point, it's an good item, there are some exceptions, like the Paper Weight torso, Interceptor, the worst mythical torso of them all, and try to avoid using the torsos GrimReaper, Avenger and Sith, Interceptor's energy counterpart.
  • if you see the torso 'Nightmare', keep it, but if you find a better torso, don't keep, it's up to you ( PS; Nightmareis the heat couterpart of Sith and Interceptor, but unlike them, Nightmare is a good torso)


https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.supermechs.com%2Ftopic%2F1791-torsos-tier-list%2F&psig=AOvVaw0rKGZ7ztb5yhI1xc3p4kNb&ust=1694455233637000&source=images&cd=vfe&opi=89978449&ved=0CBAQjRxqFwoTCICBkebPoIEDFQAAAAAdAAAAABAE link to the torso tier list.

And try to focus in a damage type, physical, energy and heat (yellow, blue and red), do not use premium items to transform other items

(premium items are items that are only obtainable on the Legendary rarity, and they go up to divine, the white point on the rarity scale, and the highest one)

PRO TIP: just don't upgrade items that don't go up to Divine, unless you transform them to use for transformation of any good items later

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1) the mech is really not that good, you have some good items in your inventory, such as nightmare and flaminator, consider upgrading those or wait until you get better items


2) yes, spend your tokens on premium packs and special offers

3 hours ago, The Yeet Cheeto said:

What's the best way to get tokens without money?

considering your progress at the game, grinding campaign, raid rewards and special quests can give some a very good amount of tokens

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How do I get more points on a raid?

It is hard to say but it is related to the current inventory you do possess. A mech for Raid not necessarily will be a mech for arena combat. 

For Raid people prepare mechs or particular parts for it when get them. In the beginning, normally the people use the first mech to try to win the raid. That takes time. Even they show you their ways, right now you will have to figure out that testing different combos. 

OK, because you are new according to what I can see, it will a bit difficult not to progress. Now, I am surprised about your relics. 👍


S.G= Some way ok 

G= Good



Let check this. All parts do have a starting point on powerbase as COMMON, RARE, EPIC, LEGEND, MYTH then Divine with relic.

Not all parts start at the same power level and reach the same status. 

As example below, all those circulars' colors are defined from left to right starting as common ending in divine.

In the example, you can see the purple color been filled. That means the part it is currently at EPIC status. Understanding this basic, that will help to select weapons for now or for later use. 

In a basic way, the transform Range below, is belong to a part that can start on common grant and if you work the part leveling up all stages on transformation, it will reach divine status. 

To select a part and to progress in the game, you need to pick the parts that can go to Divine status. The rest of the parts we consider then like meat to be eaten to level up parts or to help transform parts according to the status quo of the part like this one on EPIC. 


To transform a part, it will require other parts of the current status available not in need and eat them to help move your part with interest to the next power stage and in this case becoming A Legend.

The Range levels are

COMMON L1-L10 When reach L10, then can be transform to RARE with others common parts not in need the same for the rest of them.

RARE L1-L20 It won't start as common L1 but the L1 of a rare part. You need RARE parts to transform at L20

EPIC L1-L30 As you can see, to max those levels it does get harder needing more gold and parts not in need to do so. 

Legend L1-L40 You will need Legend parts to transform at L40 

MYTH L1-50. The game does not provide a part on MYTH status. Those are rare parts on sales. 

DIVINE To divine a part you will need the part generally speaking on L50 and to have the RELICS related to that part transformation. Not all parts will use the same relics because are related to the power level and how are grants. 

Examples of parts.

This part below it is a part that the game can grant you as COMMON L1or even as RARE L1 but won't be a part to be use for real combat. Sure, the RARE combat maybe at Rank 25-24 then eat.

1- image.png.573a838c015692f835540f89b47a44d2.pngimage.png.4eff337344197976ae56fd03cf90a1c6.png


This part can reach the EPIC status then die generally speaking. It is a leg that can be use regardless EPIC for some configurations that few Tops use but attack wise it is just trashed to be eaten. Also, can be a choice to be EPIC L1 and the use it to transform EPICS to those can move to Legend. This one will not reach Legend status as you can see. 

2- image.png.a80328bf1838b244c83088b6ed0b0a0b.pngimage.png.9b39914ecbe2c606bc1b232c6ae046e3.png


This one start as RARE and reach EPIC and no more. 

3- image.png.faeaa4683611e2435fcb8db0b0026ab4.png image.png.88ff75ac1271b5de7061176bda7a7884.png


This one start on EPC and can move to DIVINE

4- image.png.1c86e49e858222d495f05ebaff873b76.pngimage.png.e437944da62fc9a17e6bd06a4037b638.png


This is what the people call PREMIUM part because start in Legend no lower than that. 

5- image.png.004f5238a3f02456bb78c6654a840d6c.pngimage.png.3ba45822a38cdfd09f9542f06dc58a71.png


This is a MYTH part transformed and enhanced to L50 Myth but it is granted normally at Legend L1. 

6-  image.png.2287a0726903483eb032f8c05ff4905e.pngimage.png.7d1b46a2feda7e5e9e21cb28b17ffcf6.png


This is a Legend part transformed till reached Divine status maximum in the game status. No more enhancement can be done to the part. 

7- image.png.a7312f0075424633823c7565c32a1527.pngimage.png.a43f192cd1ef8f4342702d1352796fb6.png

Transformation. To transform a part, the part needs to be at it full level of current status and to have relics like you have few of them  image.png.2b1b113350b00c46943805e867acdebe.png


Few examples to divine

Select the part and then the arrow 



Then it will pop ASCEND and will have to click there. You will need to have some gold for it because depending on the part status it will be the cost to be charge and of course you need to have the relics saved. 



Then hit on TRANSFORM and will charge 500,000 gold and will eat 4 EPIC relics available then will be come a DIVINED part.



Ok, knowing this now, you need to think properly about part to develop reason why you need to be careful because you will invest your gold in something that will be a waste in the long run but maybe functional now. To avoid this, you need to look for those that can reach divine even are in the low common status. Some of the basic recommendations if your start in the game it is pure trash like was for me, let's get few parts around and talk about yours.


1- Your torso it is just trash. Looks cool but it is just meat. You will not progress using that. If you do not have good torsos, you can use other torsos granted with just farm right on the spot.  Some examples to use 

image.png.f3af2f9b50f7e83ada4b68f853f580ef.pngGranted in COMMON or RARE.  I transformed this one to EPIC test. I will recommend this one been a part that can reach DIVINE and it is in use on TOP tier players R3-R1. You can get that as free almost in every grind you do or even PVP. The same version for Physical and Energy can be use but I recommend just this one and can make 3 of them. and will work for energy, phys and heat mechs. This is called NIGHTMARE.  This one image.png.5fd01232f267193b1d051a0a6bb8a647.pngis the energy version and then the phys version given as common but can go up to divine. 


Weapons at your level can be easy to be obtain with farming or pvp

image.png.15deb90cd8921ebfca18d34d3523721c.png Both are easy to get and are in use at all ranks. No need to pay. Also, the inverse parts of those also are in use at all ranks. Those are the basic to progress in the game and won't be a waste of time, or gold in the long run. 

Legs are not the best now but easy to get and to progress with those torso and weapons and the phys version of the 3 in the bottom. 


Modules as come and go. that it is another history. 

I hope this can help you why some said you maxed parts wrongly but not have to be 100% true not having idea what to do like me when I started. It is basic things we learn step by step. 


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