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Hydro Cannon

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image.png.7ac651f4b8f29918baca1347ae2ea7c5.pngHELL NAW!!!!


+, i've got three weapons to transform to legendary, hot flash, frantic lightning and annihilation, i'm trying to make an energy mech, so, wich one i should transform to legendary, and after that, use it to transform nightmare to mythical

+², should i buy the 3rd premuim pack?, or sace to buy a offer?

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annihilation can be use. Now, all depend on your inventory and if you are rushing to fast eating whatever comes. 

You need to be careful to not eat parts that can be useful at some ranks. 

Annihilation it is a free energy part that might be good in some ways, but you can sacrifice that one if have to. I do not recommend eating parts useful in some ways and hard to get. It is good to preserve some. 

You can make parts like

image.png.f1b4e5ce18e38095b06cf54250339c44.png This one goes to legend status and easy to get in common and rare and sometimes in epic. You can eat because no useful on ranks.

image.png.653d461c5baf53fd11f68dda4475b506.pngThis one can be set to epic then eat.

image.png.e34440072101515a464e4e70b0b4cfd0.png This one goes to legend but then it is just meat

image.png.1b95076144851a554d8439e368d9cd1a.pngYou can use this one at any rank and divine. Easy to get in rare and common and can be enhanced for meat on epic or converted to legend meat. 

image.png.c61f1d93ea4f2776e99576f88009ed8e.png to epic and meat 

image.png.3ac7849e56d9623d584dc214dbf9dd4b.png to epic and meat 

There are many others that can be used to progress making legends instead to eat functional parts just to progress in a no sustainable way and losing parts that might need. 

Hot flash can be use because can get easy back farming. Hot flash also it is for energy mech that you are making.

I always preserve what I can't come up fast. 

The leg you want to transform it is a good leg. just be careful using parts. 


Me making parts. Some epics at disposition to make hammer for meat because I had on reserve other hammer not in need. 


Making enough parts to make legends for meat. I level up parts to L30 that can pass to Legend not in need and wait for more epics or make them from rare parts and can progress easy because making L20 and L30 parts it is easy farming. It is hard to do L1-L50 Myth part. Do not rush shooting yourself. 


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