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13 hours ago, ARTY said:

I'm currently using this build but without the lightning recoiler. What should I replace it with temporarily while I try to get the recoiler? Also any tips to make my mech better are appreciated!


The mech it is standard when the player it is fairly new.  Lacking modules, it is understandable. The legs can go to divine status but if you have massive shocker feet image.png.40371ce1251a720e6537a16490173e3f.pngwill be better because help to damage shields. Also, mentioned Last Word image.png.36642f82f0f2b5ef20bbe8e6c4947545.pngnot having recoil. It is a great weapon. The cooling and energy regeneration it should be low in your mech having limited modules to help on it. 

Those parts image.png.5603effe17bb314809ca71dd21a18656.png help on energy and heat cap but do not help on energy recovery or cooling having just 2 basics that can help just a bit image.png.ee3d84f59cc6d43c7570e5d1e7a254bf.png.

For now, till can get other modules, your mech will suffer on energy and heat when use weapons and defending yourself against attacks. 





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