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Pilots: BEWARE

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There have been a lot of posts that go a bit like this recently: "Help my account has been hacked and i cant log in. I gave someone my details and now it says the login details dont exist please help"

Do not under any circumstances share your account details: 

Not only is it against the ToS (Terms of Service), but it is also a big risk to your account.

Firstly: People haven't "hacked" your account. There is currently no known way to hack someone's account without knowing any of the details. They steal peoples accounts.

How can they steal it?

There is no verification involved when changing account details. You can easily change them without anyone knowing. They literally only need your account details.

Why would they steal it?

People will steal accounts for many reasons, but mostly it is so they can sell the account and get a profit from it. You might think, "But im a low level and im only rank 15", but they can still sell them, but they will be cheaper. Starting with a rank 15 account is better than starting with a completely new account.

How can I keep my account safe?

The only reason this problem exists for SM is because people share accounts. Never share your accounts to anyone, even if you trust them. Co-piloting is a thing, but it isn't supposed to be.

"But you can progress easier with co-piloting." This is true to a point. Almost all top players have never had a co-pilot, and never will. Sure its nicer to know that someone is grinding out campaign for you while you sleep, but it is still against ToS.

How can I know if someone is trying to steal my account? 

It is pretty easy and simple to tell. I was approached the other day by someone trying to take my account. I will show the tactics used.

First they will say they want to swap/switch an account. They will show a screenshot of a pretty good mech and say it is their account. They will probably show some other mechs.


The second I saw that screenshot I knew it was a hacked account. There is no way you can have that many premium modules and not have your modules already maxed and some divined, unless you have really got your priorities wrong. With that many legendaries you will have full mythical weapons, and as you can see his top weapon is only legendary.

If you ask for some more screenshots they will probably send some. I asked for a main-page screenshot after seeing some more of his mechs. He sent this:


There are many things wrong with this image. Firstly: the tokens are cut off from the edge of the screenshot. This will never be a mistake and he will be trying to hide the amount from you. Also, there is very clearly a portal going on in this screenshot, and it was not a portal day that day.

I asked how many tokens he had, and he said 49k. If you had that many tokens you would not want to swap an account, because that is thousands of pounds worth of tokens.


All in all:

Do not swap accounts with ANYONE, and do not share your account details with ANYONE either. You will only succeed in getting your account stolen and most likely sold on.

"Religion is ignorance of reality" - Primary Iterator Kyril Sindermann

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