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Well, while we're here, what did you eat today?

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Well today I ate, pure entertainment reading your answers and playing Super mech so I'm already satisfied, by the way today I ate Rice with lamb and salad with mashed potatoes 🙂🙂


Bueno hoy comí, puro entretenimiento leyendo sus respuestas y jugando Super mech así que ya estoy satisfecho, por cierto hoy comí Arroz con cordero y ensalada con puré de papas 🙂

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1 hour ago, MaveRick said:

Had fish for diner !!

I love fish. Living with my father jumping around countries due to military service I used to live close to coastline and go to the weekends 4 o'clock in the morning to get the recent catch then remove the scales open bely remove the stuff and clean it then for lunch or dinner go to the backyard and eat fried fish or soup etc.  I miss that I bit. Sure, not the smell in my hands or the house cleaning the fish. 🤣

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