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Super mechs the rest of the storyline

Toxiteon velfronas

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After completing the campaign, the boss eventually escaped and all that was left was PVP

So we can think of the plot as humans constantly killing each other after acquiring extraterrestrial mecha technology.

Or even worse, humans have long been extinct, as you can see many buildings and ruins in the campaign scene, but no humans appear. The ones who kill each other are artificial AI mecha.

Anyway, these are just my guesses. I hope there will be more rich storylines in the future.🤪

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Based in that exist campaign 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3, i have the idea that alien in overlords den is cloning himself, after lost in 3vs3 he says "he comeback", i suppose in sometime 4vs4 (cursed as hell, all enemies have divined weapons and items)

The other idea that he no has a specific form, lets see in this, the pvp its just him cloning himself in different mechs seeing what one is best to kill the player mech, and like the boss, change everytime the tactic to fight another new form he have. In case is a full meta mech, its because that finally "him" find the perfect body but he cant keep this form because its too powerfull for himself

Other thing its just simple, he just come back in his new ultimate forms AKA "The titans", simple like that

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