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can you try to log in in a PC? 

I use both. Also, the accounts on PC get deactivated after 2-3hrs not in use and that is good. All accounts should be like that, so people do not forget passwords. Phones are keeping accounts actives. If you try PC, might be able to pull account access in active mode then close account and might help. That might deactivate crappie FB accounts. Access directly to Supermech. It is better in that way. Even if you have access issues, you can delete account from pc as example and download again and will be able to access your account. 

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Same problem too.. idk man but I tried to find a solution too but don't worry, when you create an another account with same name of your old account then it will pop out that "this username is already taken, use another alternative username" or something like that. It mean that your account may still exists and not delete by the game. And also, when I try logging my FB account in other game like "Zombie Tsunami" or "Mutant Genetics" it worked. While the Supermechs is not active for some reason, and the FB apps developer is aware of it. So we just have to wait for some time until it was reactivate by them. Don't worry about your account getting erase by the game, even if you don't login your account for like 2-1 years it will never be deleted.


(This problem started 1-2 month ago)

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