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Well, after buying it like 3 o 4 times i can say, if you wanna get something good its better wait for a 3k offer

This pack i see only more if you want to have legendaries to upgrade to mythical items, not to get premium legendaries (Only if you have very good luck you can get a premium legendary (1, 2, 3/20 packs)) 

But if you want legendaries for upgrade to mythical, this works

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All depends on your approach. 

If you play in a desperado mode, you will end up investing in everything. Don't do that. 

The offer it is not bad in the sense of regular prices.

As you know already, premium packs or any item in boxes are a gamble base un luck.

You might get lucky as many people get lucky and many don't.

If you are moving to try to get general parts that might get you a lucky winner for combat, you can try.

If you are waiting for a particular module Item and secure item, I will say hold on till get that module in need. 

No player can really advice you to pick a yes or no. 

You need to think carefully in your personal desire base on risk. 

Sure, you might get epics that can be enhanced if you need some of them that actually will work for current development or epics. 

If you are too short on items, might work. 

Who knows.... 

6 minutes ago, shockwave333 said:

how often does the 3k offer come around 

you should check the offers thread. It can give you an idea but this owner change often the sequence of sales.  click there and search


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