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“Open Max” Button for Item Boxes in Inventory

A Happy F4ce

So how bout it, toots?  

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    • Yes!
    • What? No.
    • Waiting to see what others think so I don’t go against the heard

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So, it’s not a secret. The quality of life functionality in this game is garbage. It’s much more clunky and awkward to do practically anything than it needs to be, for no other reason than laziness from the past developer team.

But guess what!
the old team is dead, long live the team

so one of many suggestions which I might make, depending on how responsive the new team is, is this:

why do we have to open boxes one by one in our inventory when we already know from silver boxes that this game CAN open multiple at once? Why isn’t there a button which will just open as many boxes as it can with the inventory space available?


That text bold enough for ya? That inventory pic getting you all hot and bothered yet? Think about it. Let me know. I’ll be waiting. So why don’t you just slide into my poll, and while you’re here say anything, anything at all or this topic will be buried under flex thread posts in the forum index x

Edit: Instantly dies in new like a boss. :dab emoji:

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