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9 hours ago, LORD OF THE SHOTTOWN said:

I wanted to do something global, and so, I started farming on the second account. 

It will have several purposes: 

Farm 500 boxes

Reach level 200

Get 30 000 000

What I have now: 2058285463_SuperMechs_2023-06-05-21-10-17.thumb.jpg.d932d1551d6ce5de046f3203591da58a.jpg1758659285_SuperMechs_2023-06-05-21-10-09.thumb.jpg.33adae3e7542cbfc2690b65d1a4ae192.jpg

nice. that 700% XP it is sweet. I do not remember to have those when I was pushing for L250. Very good to have those and move fast. 

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7 hours ago, LORD OF THE SHOTTOWN said:

15 000 000 GOLD




Now it's time to farm in real life😓😓😓

awesome progress.  👍

Well, farming in real life it is not that easy work and of course we have to work to eat. Some others have nothing. ☹️

Nice, from level 92 to 148. That it is a good progress. Around that level you get something. I forgot. The level progression will slow down in particular from the 17O to 200. In the 190 it will be tuff to get out of there. It will require real farming and even farming 5 times a day in full, you will feel that there is not progress. Those levels will test your nerves. Reaching 200 and the goodie, the level progress will easy again not as the beginning, but I will say to your current 140 progress and slowly will get tougher again. I will say that levels from 200-220 will be decent progress but after that grinding have to be consistent. 

You should get some more free space soon or maybe you got something already some of 5 or 10 extra slots for the storage space. 

These are my accounts right now farming. My kids rarely play pvp so I do not count on gold from pvp. Using only the daily collecting the 20 parts and using 15 to level up till I get more parts accumulated then I use like 200-500 parts and save some 200-400 for emergencies. Because I am developing too many at the same time, the maxing part for individual part it is very slow not having enough mixed parts farmed. I am doing this on purpose so I can accumulate gold beyond expenses on mix parts and gold for those level up not using the base. Sure, I can do this because I have many parts developed and I do not need to advance any to do pvp but also, during my original development I had to pause often the level up to get gold and mix parts for it and avoid being bankrupt. 

This is my OKI DOKI. It will take maybe another 1.5-2 months to max those parts.  Been at MYTH L40, the level up it is very slow because require more mix parts and gold to advance them. In about 2 weeks, I can be close to 350 million but not sure because I am not farming as before and not doing pvp at all missing tokens and gold. 




This is now my O.D. Farm It will take at least a month to reach 350 million but maybe 5 weeks. 




Keep farming, I want to see your progress like my other friends' players that did it and now are R1 tuff guys. 

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At the moment, my main account is level 229. After getting the opportunity to farm on 2v2 OD lvl8 on the hard difficulty level, I'm not really in a hurry to level up, because there, with 12 fuel, I get 15 000 XP, which, as you know, is very little. It makes no sense for me to rush to level 250, because I already have the Defense Matrix, and this is the only thing that scrapes level 250. 

Maybe levels 190 - 200 completely broke me and now I'm only hunting for gold, because sooner or later, level 250 will be reached, and there is no point in worrying about it.


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I grind OD6 too)

If you grind there, you can get 300 000/day, 400 000 with base, quests and arena battles. I farm gold quick just because I level up easily (lvls 1 - 180). Thats why I can get 700 000+ gold/day.

I exchanged my grind level to OD8 when I reached level 188. I wanted to get more money. There you can get 1500 gold/1 fuel.

I'll recommend this build for OD8


And, if your mech is ready to get billions, try 2v2OD8 hard. 1800 gold/ 1 fuel

Theese are mechs can be used:


Try to make as bif phys resistance as you can, and 850+ heat



Make 200 regen and also as big phys res as you can.

JUST FARM))))))))


300 😅

Got the Distance Generator


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Oh, I remember that...

Isn't this your child's account? 

5 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

Nice. You can go for 40 but you can still make parts advancing. Oh, I saw those mechs not long ago in my kids fights. They just test and goof around. if you need wins, ask them. 🙃

I don't want to rush, polishing is progressing slowly but surely 

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