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Few questions regarding titans 

Is it good if 2 players beat Titan in few minutes in full club or can it affect the amount of Titan tokens received? 

Is Titan reward boost in arena shop affecting only one player or whole club? 

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2 hours ago, noㅤ said:

It affects the tokens everyone receives. That's why I'm in a one-man clan so I can beat titans without upsetting anyone, haha. Items bought with titan rewards only go to the player.

I mean if more players attack the Titan then everyone will get more tokens? 

For example I was getting 47 tokens for soloing him and I wonder if reward is better when more people attack him

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Aaah, I'm not quite sure. From what I've seen, rewards are based on the titans level, and then people get tokens based on that max. So like, the highest damage / tickets gets 100%, then others get a percentage based on their own damage.

In other words, one person soloing a titan wont get more tokens, they'll only make other clan members get less.... but that's just what I've noticed so it could be wrong.

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