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this is an intro to some of my greatest battles


should i proceed with this new tread  

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i am a very active SM player and i would like to show you the crazy adventure that is my arena battles don't worry i will make a separate discussion for my worst losses 'cause i'm transparent and i would love if you join in on the conversation comment on some battles of mine i will post on week ends and keep watching because i might post on other days, BUT MY GOAL is to post at least on week-ends if i don't i'm sorry but i can't do anything about it now that you have the basic gist of the concept. Now other than that here's a good run down of the rules

#1 No cursing

#2 No bullying ( But constructive criticism is accepted ) 

#3 No spam

#4 DON'T I REPEAT DON'T act like a ignoramus and post something completely unrelated in a response

#5 Lastly don't use this to click-bait people i am not an ad board

#6 This is not a news thread, don't post real news  unless you begin your statement with NEWS:

Those are the "FIVE PILLARS" freedom of speech is encouraged but don't abuse it don't break these and were cool

finally now that we are clear on that here is a taste of what we do here




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1 hour ago, jcool64 said:

here is another video of a great battle i really appreciate your constructive criticism


and once again i say thanks for the replies i will make a club for this and you are completely welcome to post your own videos

good compensation losing energy. when is possible, work on that. As stronger you make your weapons, normally will require more energy and heat consumption affection the use of the weapons and mech functionality. Focus a bit more on those modules not on weapons if possible. 

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15 hours ago, jcool64 said:

here is another video of a great battle i really appreciate your constructive criticism


and once again i say thanks for the replies i will make a club for this and you are completely welcome to post your own videos

What type of mech are you trying to make? You should focus on making a type of mech (Physical, Energy, or Heat) and stick to that, instead of just putting anything on it.

I think I should rename myself to Immaculate, that would be a much better name, wouldn't it?

Scorpions are also very cool.

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to answer your question FLAWED i am making a Energy/Fire mech i call it a disar-mech and a use it 'cause instead of just brute forcing my opponents  i pick the strategy therefore i am a strategy player which i personally think that it's better than hoping that you aren't screwed over by RNG and cause i'm not pay to win and i'm not a fan of ads than my only choice is try and hope to get epics but to finish my statement i would like to see your mech and i will take your comment and think about it but the problem i have with picking a mech of one class is they always have fatal weaknesses that in the long run shoots them in the foot unless you are high level which i'm not now finally I think its pretty rude to say i put anything on it i  didn't i pick the best weapons for my build and with that i close out with this 


if you say your strong but you are not unique then you are just normal and if you're not really you anymore and if you aren't you then why bother being strong because you are regular and there are many like you be different or what is the point of existing 

and with that i am done tell me i DO really want to see your mech though

for my fans here is another great battles

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You are doing fine with your fights. Play as you like for fun as I still do.

Even it is not to me the answers instead to Flawed, he is trying to help a bit in an honest way providing the basic of the game regardless of personal decisions how to play and make mechs for personal fun. 

Sure, he can provide a subjection but not to tell you what to do with your fun. 

Flawed indicated about Phys, Heat and Energy mechs in full. In the long run it is basic to do in order can compensate during attacks and push up on ranks. Normally, a mix mech it will not inflict full damage against any type of mech generally speaking. Basic recommendation from old players will always say to go in full type of mech.

That does not mean you have to go in that direction because it is your play time for personal fun as you build for looks, mix power attacks of all kinds etc. I am a person that like the mix because it is more fun to be honest and I stand on that too.  

For players that would like to progress on combat having in mind to rank up as fast possible, unique type of mechs are key to achieve that and sustain ranks. 

Sure, you don't have to follow the crowd and do the same for ranks instead the fun how to play in different ways and test a lot with different mix combos as I did and still do. 

Back during my starting days, I got a bunch of old players trying to help me like Flawed. Sure, I read, and I understood but I wanted, and I still want to play for fun not for ranks and medals. Maybe I am the forum most well-known player playing in that way from my starting days having a decent account to play the game in a serious way for R1.

Below, those are my original mechs and are my pride and real fun way in this game. I love those babies. To me they look super cool and were a blast making top players lose because their counter ways on those days. It was truly fun to win against them but weak as hell. 🤡

The reality those are not sustainable for top play, but I enjoy them.  I play them time to time because they still calling me. 🍻 




Keep having fun on your ways. If you want ideas and help, just ask the players around. Don't take things personal with different kind of comments in particular for those trying to give direction and been honest on it. Sure, some makes some jokes not that fun, but it is what it is. 

Let see that fun progress and enjoy the game. 👍

By the way, nice fight. You know well your mech. 👍

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