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The inefficiency of energy/cooling booster


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We all know the cooling and energy booster are common-rare item module a starter module they weight 15 and give 20 cooling and energy regeneration 

their successors are mass cooling/energy booster a epic-mythical module 

So basically I realized they're very inefficient in ranks 18-15

Short story:they became obsolete at point 

Long story:in ranks 18-15 Where everyone start to have about 100-200 storage based on their torso and their capsule module and EXP level which Unlocks the empty space in the mech from modules and weapons (heat/energy capsule unit common-epic tier and their cousins dual energy/heat module another starter module C-R tier which acts as booster and storage unit) also what happens on those 18-15 rank that everyone there has to equip 2 booster and storage unit to have better stats like me i did and still do and because they take too much room in module section where you can only equip 8 modules making no room for resistance modules heat/energy and phsycial and 1 room needed especially for iron plating common-epic item to have more HP.

Because everyone in that rank will start to have epic items such torso/legs and weapon and some have a least 1 legendary item

And once upgrade theirs boosters and storage units they get stuck on it because can't transform to better tier unlike the iron plating which helps for long time with theirs torso and legs that might transform to epic or legendary or some might have ones that can become mythical-divine because they can choose their torso and legs which there are ton of even if it can't transform to mythical but still holds them until they get a better torso.

If ask you me all of my 3 mechs do use 2 boosters i am rank 16-15 can't go higher than that i do have 4 combined storage units 2 heat engines an energy engines all epic. 3 energy mass boosters no cooling mass booster 

The idea i wanna give that is the cooling/energy booster are useless for long time term but great for short time term

Not everyone can have the items he wants and needs that stay for long time and progress faster.


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Well i am not stuck in rank 18-15 i mostly stay at rank 15 16 if i lose repeatedly

Grind harder or get better items doesn't work because i already grind on limited time not all and you can't choose what item you want get its RNG game after all

I was talking about how useless normal common-rare booster and upgraded will stay for short time not worth to upgrade them max if you their epic-mythical versions

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