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funny drop rates


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so I had 4 prem packs, one I accidentally bought and other 3.. non paid, and about 2-3 prem boxes.
the only good thing I got was Lightning Platinum vest.

I haven't gotten any heat/energy modules except just a epic energy booster which is useless since I'm a heat mech with energy torso, and 2 of the prem packs were all epic too
campaign cleared on hard, including any mix boxes and fbs and other stuffresim_2023-01-05_120852391.png.cb7c6e7b5bb79d5ff374724aa3f4700c.png

not even a single heat or energy module at epic, I'm at rank 14 with only rare modules and epic stuff, and 3 legendaries.
I honestly can't progress any further if I don't get any epic modules or good drones, still sticking to epic clash 😕 
I got like 9 blue madnesses, which is completely useless, I know I started like two days ago but this is is just RIDICULOUS.
over fifty epics, and none of them were any good epics at all or any epic heat/energy modules.

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bro, I have no epic modules, what are you talking about???
I need epic module drops. a guy I know has 8 modules in 3 days, and I have 0 in the same time. I have nothing to progress with, what do I do with kits if I can't use them.

Drop rates are extremely ugly.

my weapon rng is also trash. I hate how I'm always unlucky at this game 😕

 I just want a single heat module!


for anyone who wants to ask, the only decent thing I got is my torso since the start of the game from like 8 legendaries and like 60 epics.

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1 hour ago, 888 said:

Use ur base to grind stuff, and spam arena. That is how u get stuff, right?


Campaign exists, sure drops are poor, but this is better than losing serveral matches from smurfs just for boxes, also more  g o l d

After wasting all the fuel you had, you could just wait to refill.

Then spend your hard-earned gold to craft items or if possible upgrade base and a factory to 15 so you can make powerkits.

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Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting, and I have once lived in infamy.
My Discord Server if you want to see me, I guess : 
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I have no proof to back it up, but I think drop rates are also linked to your rank. I didn't get any legendary drops at lower ranks and rarely got epic. Now I usually get multiple epics per day and legendaries every week. Just grind missions and upgrade your existing modules. Eventually you'll go up in rank and get better drops.

Don't get frustrated by your slow progress. This is a casual game. There really isn't a finish. Even when you have every single item available maxed out, some other person might just have a build that yours is weak against and crush you. If you play this game as a hobby, you'll enjoy it way more than if you play it as a task to complete.

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