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The Psyche of Weaponization - Ejection Blast

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Things have been created,

And things have died.

The human mind is full of life,

But even it can be severely deep-fried.

Now with the useless introductory poem out of the way,

It is time for us to pick up our Ejection Blasts... And run the f**k away.


The Introduction

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at a certain mid-range physical rifle that is cherished by many and used by lots... The Spartan Carnage!

... Hahaaa... No. The Spartan Carnage is way too easy of a target because of how overused it is. Instead, I'm gonna be poking fun at something else... The Ejection Blast!

Sit back, fasten your harness, and don't forget to note that this ride has plenty of jokes. Without further ado, here the f**k we go!


The Weapon

What is this gun? Why does it exist? Is it affordable?

Here's three simple answers for your questions... It's a rich man's portable escape measure with the purpose of making your "tactical retreats" a lot more stylish than fleeing like a b***h as you would normally do without it.

If you're curious about the damage, this weapon is a really serious heavy-hitter when compared to other physical retreat weapons, even going the extra mile by having a damage cap of 517 when divined with arena buffs to back it up. You can already sense the amount of rage-filled jealousy that's coming from Mercy right now as this thing does a similar scale of damage for the cheap weight of 34 kg and not 84 kg.

So... What lies on the dark end of this stick? Well... There's several things. To cover everything wrong, I feel like a list will cause the least amount of impact damage... So, here we go.

Nightfall levels of energy cost and heat generation.

It does half the resist damage than other physical weapons.

It's 3-6 and begging to be sniped by a Valiant.

Its identity was stolen by scope builds.

It refuses to combo with most weapons that aren't scopes.

It's hard to get because of L-M.

Corners disable weapon usage.

Two uses and two uses only.

I honestly can't deeply explain each of those points because of how self-explanatory they are. That's pretty much it.


The Closing

Overall, Ejection Blast is one hell of a weird-ass physical weapon with its high damage and semi-laughable resistance damage. Is it good? Definitely but it's only good if you have 4-8 weapons to combo with, otherwise, you'll be stuck with having to move instead of attack due to getting "range stranded" by your retreat weapon.

If you get a scope, piercer, or both, this weapon's perfect for your abomination of a build. Alternatively, Reckless Beam, Mighty Cannon, and Last Resort Vulcan are good 4-8 physical substitutes to fill in the lack of scopes if you're seriously in need of potshots from across the arena... Just beware of Burning Showers and Valiant Snipers on your way out, yeah?

But, um... Yeah... That's it. If you want to add onto this or disagree with something on here, that's why the comment section exists, so use it.


Until then, stay safe and don't use Volkswagon keys on a Lamborghini... Because that's not how any of that works.








If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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