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How can I change my email on my game account?

Hakurei Reimu


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You may change your supermechs account email in a few simple steps:

1. Head over to https://forum.supermechs.com/forum/ucp.php and use your supermesupermechs account to log in. 

2. On the right hand side, click on User Control Panel. Screenshot_20221114_233638_com.huawei.browser_edit_482486163264397.jpg.e4ada61170fa1b072894989eedaa0daf.jpg

3. After accessing the control panel, click on Edit account settingsScreenshot_20221114_233731_com.huawei.browser_edit_482494758001896.thumb.jpg.5207a26d256ff862a0fd73ed77060c96.jpg

4. You will be greeted by this menu, to change your email adress all you have to do is fill in your new email into Confirm e-mail addres, enter your supermechs password into Current Password and click submit. 


5. Check your e-mail that's associated with your supermechs account, make sure to check the spam folder as it usually ends up in there. 

After you've done all these steps you should have a new e-mail linked to your account 😄

silly goober

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