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kame bakk to arena (yay motivashon aftah losin' it a while ago)... dude thought me a hakker/p2w due to double skopes and high phys res... even threatened to report when I'm akshually a lukky bastard who played fo' 3 months 💀...

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had a similar stori to dis dude but different response

met some dude and followed each otter on diskord long ago... met again after around a month with most schiesse different like new torso and weapons... had a good smol chat like "bruh all I know from ya was hammer" and proud he found his pro acc... this shows dat there kinds o' people who nice and some toxik ahh peeps...

soo ayo mods if ya see a deep thought guy reported then don't ban lmaoo... literalli just a f2p lukki bastardos who has experience from 2016 tryna find gumiber certified fellas lmaoo... gone again anotha fee days 

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