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This should be handled with, Someone named Algriano has stolen a very good account from someone.


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so when i was on discord chatting my friends out and some other stuff like that. So if you guys know Atusiff aka one of the youtuber that plays sm and now quits. When he quit he hand over his account to my friend (Dancing in The Moonlight) is the account name. Now when i was going to help my friend out to build some mechs for arena season he chatted me that dancing in the moonlight was stolen. And i ask wtf? how he said to me that algeriano wants to trade with him and atusiff said its worth it now both of them traded after the trade did you guys know what happend next? for those peoples who said algeriano scammed him you are correct algeriano also said that he will tell on our clan WLGang to kick out dtml so our clan members wont know that my friend is not the one who is using it anymore. And not only my friend got scammed from algeriano many many ones got scammed by algeriano if you asked me and now he is gone hiding from internet and once he traded and scammed someone he will block that guy and boom you will never see him again and count me that he scammed me also. Now guys if i am you and you saw algeriano saying to you ''lets trade or co pilot'' say no and block him already bcs all he will just scam your account and you will regret it. 

Sorry for my Grammar, my language is not primarily English.

This is his current discord, in the WLGang Community server. His tag is censored to avoid being attacked


This is the account that was stolen, The owner of the account was a YouTuber named [SM] HardCoded, But Algeriano stole it from him


Screenshot 2022-06-26 at 9.11.07 AM.png

For more confirmation, i have asked for permission to have HardCodeds help, And permission to add his name in here,

Avoid Algeriano at all costs.

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Honest to God wish this man the worse, not just for some scam but I see his type. Taking advantage of a dead game like freaking sm, basically controlling people is what I see. You can't do anything and if you do he just calls you a hater and blocks you out of his life. Self centered piece of sh- it's disgusting. Surprised someone like him even has a life ruining the hope of sm players like poi. Screw him. His life could go downhill for all I care.

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Not gonna show every screen shot bet i show hem inventory and he ask 20 question and think alot about it and said yes bet after that he come and call me scammer Even when i didn't scamme

I want atusiff account for 2 reasons

1/its my friend account

2/its rank 1 account and bcs of bad Skils of that boy its dead in rank 4-5 now 

Just want to say don't bleave what u see guys




I give hem 2 rank 1 account and anthour one rank 3 bet he is so noob that he can't even play good just start calling me scammer 🤣🤣

Kid drama 

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HardCoded was banned so im saying this for him, He already leaked dms, and you're not showing the part where YOU said you wont change information just incase you're suspicious. Anyway, HardCoded was recently Timed out (Muted) on the SuperMechs Forums for this, so do not bother commenting on this, i will not answer.

Also more to what i just said, I am not speaking cause this is Drama YOU YOURSELF, Caused. Over being a liar and not trustworthy. HardCoded and Atusiff Trusted you, and you were a fraud. And a bit more on, then im not saying ANYMORE on this topic. The account was rank 5, and never lower. you did a thing called Boosting. a context i will not go into figure it out yourself, it was an Exploit. Also, HardCoded also asked me hes been playing for 10 years, He knew what he was doing, just didn't have enough time due to his SuperMechs videos and His life. Now please, Stop being so childish, i am trying to be polite here; Good Day, and no more shall be discussed.

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  • Community Team

As I said in the previous topic about this, trading is not allowed. Please stop trying to get ''better accounts'' and falling for this, you will only end up losing your account, and no we wont help you as you willingly gave your password away.

The game is clear about this, so are the ToS. Please stop sharing your passwords.

Elcent is the best.


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