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Workshop Unlimited Mechs discussion


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4 hours ago, Userna32jk said:

image.png.a26bdaf2013da83c3413586265f09791.png      What do i need to improve about this mech?

I think you need to change the module, you should increase the energy regeneration .

43 minutes ago, Stefix5000 said:

ditch the claw

I'm pretty agree with it, the claw is usable only if you use a charge, teleporter and grappling, otherwise the opponent can easily stay away from you and wear out your charge, block you and spam ranged weapons.

With the changes the build may look like this :


( with the free weight, add an additional weapon that is not heavier or not much more than 51 kg)

I intentionally replaced the second red rain by a space invader for more versatility of this build.

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