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Disable mine base

Roniel Oliveira Neco


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6 hours ago, Roniel Oliveira Neco said:

How many days does it take to disable base?

6 hours ago, Roniel Oliveira Neco said:

Is there a way to hack super mechs to get tokens for free?

Are you trying to get banned?


7 hours ago, Roniel Oliveira Neco said:

is there a way to disable base in super mechs?

The base is alot better than the silver boxes, you need to upgrade it tho, but some of the bonuses you get are, 

Steady gold income, always upgrade your mines as high as you can, then the item factories, and then hq, 

Once base is lvl 15, you can craft kits wich help with upgrades alot, once it's 20 chance of legendary us really good, it might seem expensive, but it really isn't, and is well worth the effort

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