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The Cole Thread! (2023 REVAMP)

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Hi guys! My name is Cole obviously. I'm a returning player under the name of Cole_Since_2012. (I have two ALTs [one with Tier One Heal Drone])


First off, I am a rank 7-5 player. My first mech is supposedly a META build. DS + Mercy (2 Resistance Drainer Variation). My second mech is a Frantic + Spartan build. High Energy + Heat stats, as I used Lightning Vest to have a little more res against heat, and not struggle as hard against Energy mechs (I HATE using Frantics and Spartans with a passion).

My First Mech:


My Second Mech:


My Third Mech:
I will not be sending my third mech. All you need to know is that is a gross Boiler Build.


My Current Plan:

Idek at this point lol.

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4 hours ago, Ruben said:

nice mech

Thank you!

2 hours ago, Corvus said:

I do advise you, once you max it, use that lpv on Ur main, better overall stats, lighter and it's one of the best torsos in the game, also that windigo would he better for your second.

Other that that they are very decent and stable mechs.

That will take a lot of time, but I will keep this in mind, thank you very much! 🙂 

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1 hour ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

Wow! I got trash from both the egg I bought, and the egg I got for free! What amazing luck I have! 😄 

My luck is at the point that anything is welcome, i need another malice for my second mech idc if it is rare or epic I'm taking it

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So, I maxed my drone, then got my Electric Generator thingy legendary, I'm now working on leveling up uncommon power kits for food to level it up.


ALSO UPDATE ON THE CLAN THING: I realize now that I may need to join a clan because of the various rewards I can get from it, since I'm an active player, I probably should join one because I can provide some stuff to help with clans. So if any recruiters are around, I'm an active 11-9 rank if ya' need one. 🙂 


Awe man, it got rid of the black paint. 😞

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6 hours ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

So if any recruiters are around, I'm an active 11-9 rank if ya' need one

My clan is open and more or less active, thing is everyone is in a diff timezone, we got people from all over the place, (some might not even speak English) so not everyone is online at the same time, but other than that everyone does what they need to do more or less, also the leader doesn't seem to kick inactive members, like 10days+, very few are inactive though,

But chose whatever clan you like or feel most comfortable in 

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It is now updated, and now that it is, I will update you guys on legendary my inventory!


Not very big, I know, but I can do a few things here...

My thought is to make either a energy or dual frantic. I do have components to do so. 

blue = energy

yellow = dual frantic



I dont really know which path to take.

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  • Cole_Since_2012 changed the title to The Cole Thread! (2023 REVAMP)

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