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N0ble Warriors is recruiting!


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Good day pilots, 

As with all clans, the are rules you need to obey, and our clan is no execption.

Our requirements are:

- Rank 10 and above
- Mandatory clan wars
- 35 weekly arena wins

Players must be:

- Chivalrous, fight fairly ( NO smurfing, hacking and boosting ) 

We are allied with Reign Reforge or Reign Forever

We also have a Padawan program where rank 10 and below looking to improve your mecha! the only requirement is that you're willing to learn.

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56 minutes ago, Strongy123 said:

Hi there! I'm active and very willing to learn, simply not very knowledgeable so stuck at ranks 16-19. May I join the Padawan clan? I sent a request "Sepia Chief".

With direct message

We make a lot of designs and fan art.

If you want to see more of my designs and fan art, please click here.


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