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Daily Bonus rework


Make prizes great again  

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  1. 1. What is your opinion about the greatness of the daily prizes?

    • The current prizes need to be increased to be really great, the changes suggested in this rework would make me log in more regularly with enthusiasm.
    • The current prizes are already great enough, no changes are needed to reward my daily loyalty.
    • The prizes must be tweak in some other way.

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"Come back every day and get great prizes!" that's what the Daily Bonus promises you every day you log in.

This screenshot proves it and below is the detail of the "great prizes":


Daily Bonus detail
Day        Reward
      Amount    Type

 1     4,000    Gold
 2         1    Silver Box
 3         5    Fuel
 4     6,000    Gold
 5        10    Tokens
 6        10    Fuel
 7         1    Premium Box
 8     8,000    Gold
 9         2    Silver Boxes
10        10    Fuel
11    12,000    Gold
12        10    Tokens
13        15    Fuel
14         1    Mix Box
15    12,000    Gold
16         3    Silver Boxes
17        20    Fuel
18    18,000    Gold
19        20    Tokens
20        20    Fuel
21         1    Premium Box

The prizes haven't been changed for years. That's why I suggest balancing the reward taking into account the new features that have been added.

For example:

  • Fuel capacity has been increased by arena skill... so 20 fuel is less valuable now than before.
  • The token economy has been reworked in portals where we can earn more tokens more easily.

The prizes must therefore be increased and adapted in order to be "great" again.

So here are the changes I suggest:

Daily Bonus rework
Day        Reward
      Amount    Type

 1     5,000    Gold
 2         1    Rare Power Unit level 20
 3         5    Fuel
 4    10,000    Gold
 5        10    Tokens
 6        10    Fuel
 7         1    Premium Box
 8    15,000    Gold
 9         1    Epic Power Unit level 30
10        15    Fuel
11    20,000    Gold
12        20    Tokens
13        20    Fuel
14         1    Relic Box (1 Transform Relic + 1 Legendary Ascension Relic)
15    25,000    Gold
16         1    Legendary Power Unit level 40
17        25    Fuel
18    30,000    Gold
19        30    Tokens
20        30    Fuel
21         1    Premium Pack

Feel free to vote. Share your feeling by comment.

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The fact that there is an overbuff in daily bonuses does not mean that it should benefit a player's account in the short term, that is, it would not be necessary to overbuff these rewards ,A small buff would be fine as long as it is balanced and helps a player's acc in the long term and does not lose the difficulty of the game, since if the buff were like that they would not put it, Don't worry, I'm not against your idea. I support that, since that idea would help all of us, only that needs to be balanced a bit. 

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5 hours ago, T-850 said:

The prizes must therefore be increased and adapted in order to be "great" again.

I am against this idea, it's quite simple, if we base ourselves on your argument, it's not just the daily rewards that should be increased but also the rewards for pubs, level completion, the raid, quests too and clan reward, with all these changes it would probably destroy the economy of the game if we increased the number of tokens earned by all means..

and what is in relation to the change I am also against, the increase in value is too much; you can get a maxed power kit every 7 days average (including a legendary one..) but also relics with a guaranteed legendary one (it loses value) and a premium pack at the end..

Is that my opinion .

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