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Need a little help with the my main mech.



Hey guys! Hope you all have been doing well, so I am energy main and I was just going through how to improve my mech later on and I need a little bit help in increasing hp and resistance of my mech as the other stats(cooling, regen, energy & heat cap) are fine. So first pic is my mech right now and the second one is the one version I want ( oh and i do have defense matrix I just can't replace it with anything else in my current setup due to either I will have to sacrifice heat or energy or if i replace it with the last cooling mass booster then it would lead to massive overweight) .image.png.ac44a58e0c5513b169fee9c0eb4d39c8.pngimage.png.894bac5f426503f796b5b8a536ee3749.png

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1 hour ago, master11332244 said:

I will remove the malice too in second build thanks 🙂

legs are fine. 

for the second build, i suggest using fitting a lastwords or other type of pusher since hammer only have 1 range. 

or you can just use a lightning recoiler instead of hammer and use that extra weight for regen/cooling mods. 

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