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The Psyche of Weaponization - Party Crasher

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Was it a bird?

Was it a soul?

Was it a plane?

No, it was an energy laser and a flying massive [redacted].


The Party Pooper... What is its purpose?

Well, that's easy to say. It solely exists to violate all personal space restrictions while having the benefit of electrocuting its victims.

What makes this gun so special?

It's a laser, for [redacted]'s sake, so of course every person would want it... Or it may just be due to how the weapon is energy-free, technically making it an energy counter weapon by default. With 3 advance and 1 knockback in its Hot Flash arsenal, this weapon exists with the pure intent of stealing your opponent's parking space without sparing them any mercy. That is why people enjoy this Walmart Drunk Driver Parking Pack.


Is the weapon good?

... I... Err... How should I put this... The weapon is goodly, badly, averagely situational. The weapon, itself, isn't bad by any means... But the damage that it can deal is overshadowed by the fact that the weapon is essentially the same as the other two pretty lasers but with lower damage and the extremely drastic weight increase of +1-2 Kg. So, the weapon's usefulness is so debatable that it can only be determined by its user.


What about the players behind the gun? 

There are a multitude of players who use this weapon but I'll simplify them into two general categories -- Runners and Chargers. The Runners are exactly what you'd expect from their namesake... They run as far back as possible with retreat or recoil weapons before hitting their target in the back with the laser. These players usually run distance builds that will never resort to using the laser unless they can't keep their target in 3-6 range, to which then they'll spam the laser until they get their victim back into their happy place of Malice Beams and Corrupt Lights.

On the other hand, Chargers are the complete opposite of the cowards that run the hell away from their targets. They will always be on someone's ass as they chase their target around the map and camp their 1-2 range spots, smashing melee until one of the two mechs die. Though it may sound easy to keep these [redacted] out of 1-2 range, they are more than capable of being relentlessly annoying with their chase tactics. Their builds will always consist of melee or EMPs + UPC/MortalBullet/Bulldog. Their builds also tend to desperately try and be energy-free with everything while failing in that regard by calling their MortalBullet an energy-free weapon when Lightning Cutter clearly exists.

TL;DR - Chase runners and run from chasers. 


Is the gun E-M or L-M?

I thought the gold trimming of the weapon was a dead giveaway... But the weapon is definitely a wallet.



The Party Bellend is a flying, top slot Hot Flash with an emphasis on damage and having two uses. That's pretty much it. It sure beats the hell out of Delerium, though, so don't be upset that your Party Drunkard doesn't like to stay still... It keeps the Valiants away, which is obviously beneficial. 


Extra Note (Not Related to Party Crasher)

What do you guys think of the new title? Is it an improvement or a downgrade? I would appreciate it if you left your thoughts on the title down below as that would help me improve this in small yet beneficial ways.

The same applies for your thoughts on the overall topic. 



Closing goes here,

Tiny Font

A quick head's up to anyone who sees the purple warning... thing... On my topic:

I forgot to censor out 2-3 words and that caused the whole red alert thing, so I edited the topic to remove those words via the use of redactions.

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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