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made heat builds cause im bored.... how viable are they for early-ish top ranks at like 5-4, and will they even compete for ranks 3-2 or 3-1?



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1 hour ago, Phobos said:

Capture d'écran (149).png


Important : i am only r11, my advice are not reliable


This one look pretty good, maybe replace the double teleporter by the normal version and replace the magma blast by a sorrow . ( you have not the electric forteress or these build they are counter ? )


1 hour ago, Phobos said:

Capture d'écran (148).png



This one uh.. you have a weakness at the 3rd range and you can't chain the attack with only 2 weapon .

1 hour ago, Phobos said:

Capture d'écran (147).png


Look more than a basic energy free heat build, i didn't recommend you this set of module but maybe replace 1 cooling mass by a heat engine like the 2 other build and replace the superb charge by the normal ( or replace the basalt dissolver by a damaged basalt dissolver ). You have also a weakness at the first range .

But i don't think you can reach the r3 without double module and electric fprteress

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