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Clan, ranks from 12 to 8. If somebody wants to join, read :)


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So basically. I am Rust, a proud Supermechs veteran :). I play this game for a long time. Yet before the big update with items being completly changed, I quit the game, and I started playing again some time later. So now I have an account with rank 9, sometimes 8.  Without using this forum, I have made a clan and recruited a lot of people through arena and chat in-game... pain

So I spend like 2 months or something to get my clan to shape: now it's full of ranks 12 and stuff. But I want it to progress: I am regularly kicking out people who are offline for a few days, but most people don't win much, or at all, at the arena or the war. I decided that it would be a good idea to post about the clan here.

The name of the clan is Rust Everywhere   <---big R and E there. The flag is the same as my pfp. If there's anybody with these not so-high ranks, but actually not so-low, then just tell me here: I will then kick someone who is not winning anything to make place for people who are active. This way I'll try to make the clan more active, I want it to progress. I am definitly not very requiring: you must win at least 15 fights weekly, be in war, and get some tickets for titan.

There is not much going on right now in the clan, but I hope a few people will be interested. Just tell me here, I'll make a place. The name is already provided

Random smiley face at the end :)

This Is The Of All Time


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