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A new idea of teleporter module : Protector teleporter | Electro


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While looking for innovative idea of news items i had this idea which seems to me brillant ( i have not idea for the sprite but maybe i will make one later . )


The protector teleporter is a teleporter ( thank captain obvious ) which is used as a classic teleporter but unlike this one instead of inflicting damage you push the ennemy and also you prevent it from placing itself around you and in you zone for 1 turn ( he the opponent have a weapon can move he in the zone he was prevented and so he can't literraly don't use it ), however, moving does not move the area prevented by this teleporter .


L - L item ( the level not gain any stats like the double teleporter )


Stats at legendary :

Weight : 28

Push : 1

Range ( range of the pushing ) : 1 - 1

Use : 1

Energy cost : 31


Example (the area created by the protector teleporter is marked with blue ) 


In this situation the opponent can use the space invader because he would be out of the area but he can't use a charge, even he pushed you he will be in the zone, however he can also use the grappling because the area affected by the teleporter in any situation it can't move 


Special situation, if the opponent is exactly on the corner, you can't use the teleporter right next to him


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