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this a good future build? (im keeping reckless and brute unless one can find somthing better than the brute, with preferably no knockback, yes im pick ik)


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it is low cap for energy and yes need a combined ener/heat unit to enhance cap. Now, the mech it is ok and will put you around r9-r6. I those ranks the resistance is lower in many mechs and your mech as it can inflict damage. 

The average are more phys and heat mechs around, but many does have energy. For energy mechs you won't be able to recover even with high energy cap 600+ mechs against a EMP because your mech is energy dependable. 

Is low HP but will be do ok on those ranks till get more stable with other modules. The fortress it is a great help for now. Your cooling is decent even cap is low but because cooling is decent you can learn to manage and deal with many heat mechs. 

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