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looking for a clan


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Just now, Kokunut said:

in arena im rank 17 probably too low for your clan

Lol yeh try getting to rank 16 or 15

I dropped from 15 so I'm 16 now but should be in 15 again, it's hard getting in 15 but worth it, you are going to need 2 good mechs though, but once you join us it will help you alot 


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1 minute ago, Lifeblood Deep said:

I will admit, staying above R15 consistently was quite a gruelling challenge, but definitely possible with 1 or 2 mythical items.

I only have one almost two, in currently grinding items and gold to be able to, not only upgrade my items, but Aldo the base so I can start making kits, the highest I ever got is rank 14, I will probably make a post for some advice on making my mechs better.

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