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Buff Rocket Launcher


Buff Rocket launcher  

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  1. 1. Should we buff it?

    • Yes, increase damage
    • Yes, do both
    • No, don't buff it
    • Something else
    • Yes, decrease weight

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The only common-only item has been nerfed, much to my surprise.

It should weigh the same as the bigger brother, rapid destruction, and its biggest brother, spartan carnage.

Now it weighs more.

Don't make it more useless -- at least, it look fine.

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It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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13 hours ago, Shoultz262 said:

please don't ever suggest changes to items that don't go to divine, since it's worthless.

true. rocket launcher is the most worthless item of all worthless items and so I think it should not be rendered more worthless from nerfs

"undo the changes" is what i am saying.

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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15 hours ago, Shoultz262 said:

Bruh, it's a common weapon. You can get a better weapon from a silverbox. No one cares about common items unless they can transform into divine.

100% agree.  All top items that can upgrade to divine are easily better to the rocket launcher and its common tier cousins.  With all due respect, no, don't buff rocket launcher.  You want a rocket launcher?  Get a delerium, iron frenzy, spartan, etc. get basically anything but rocket launcher.  Same for rapid destruction: no buff, get something else.  When I see someone with a rapid destruction in the arena, I laugh, and I win.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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