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Modification proposal for the Backfire Scopes


Backfire Scope change   

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before starting topic i will talk about the item for those who do not know these weapon .


The backfire scopes assemble 3 weapons :

- Lazy Falcon ( physical )

- Half Burnt Scope ( heat )

- Electrocuted Scope ( energy )

Is basicaly the Falcon and variants but with backfire but in return they have unlimited use, have resist drain and lowest cost .


But the biggest probleme is the 383 backfire ( average ), we can think that with unlimited shots its balances but no for some reasons .

1 - If you spam these weapons your hp is lowering senselessly .

2 - Generally in fight we can use 1 at 2 time the scope what come back has sacrified ~765 hp, might as well use 2 different snipers 

3 - With the flaws i said it was heavier of all scopes .

With that we can add the difficulty to have more 2700 hp in free to play to can use backfire scopes .


So that why i suggest this changement :

Unlimited use ---> 2 Uses

Backfire : 380 --->270 ( average )

Physical damage ( for lazy falcon ) : 775 - 1.243 ---> 652 - 1.125

Explosive damage ( for Half Burnt Scope ) : 637 - 1.022 ---> 598 - 961

Electric damage ( for Electrocuted Scope ) : 637 - 1.022 ---> 598 - 961

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45 minutes ago, Shoultz262 said:

Lowering the backfire is enough, you don't need to do anything else. They are barely used anyway.

Is not because is not very used that we have to increase the buff/reduce the nerf the items are also not used because thera are not items that go well with this one but which nevertheless statistically are very good like mortal bullet, it have only better stats than sorrow but it is less used .

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