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will there be mods for the game someday?



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1.Thats gonna be a introduction too to hack mods, thats not good because hack is bad *the most bruh moment*

2.That and because i think the game is gonna crash a lot when you try to put that

3. Or other reason, the game cant possible detect what is a normal mod or a hack thing, that gonna bans you instantly

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Only IF the game had separate servers for such a thing to be...

The way things are there is no need for mods or similar. at least i believe so...


Edit: If these mods are just visuals, and player side only then... no problem... but other things would be a headache.

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the game's update process is nearly 0, so...... we probably won't ever get there. 

10 hours ago, Szadoinogon said:

It would liven up the game a bit if you could, for example, upload your own sounds or visual effects of shots and flames

tho, you can always go make your own version of the game in scratch or something

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