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5 Days without reward

Clan Red


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11 minutes ago, Clan Red said:

What up guys,

Rewards not available ,

Still no change after five day’s.

Shop,COME LATER no tokens.

Arena no bonus …

Base no adds 

What up Doc.👀

Might be on your side. I check everyday, on my phone, to see if there is something worth doing, and check for tokens. I end up watching ads for 8 tokens, and forget the rest. 

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That great news !

will try it out and let you if it works for me.

thank so much ! 💌

19 hours ago, JamAnime said:

Also, I forgot to mention when on my phone it will tell my rewards not available also. Yet, I found out if you click once on it. Then exit out of the shop, and bring the shop back up it will appear rewards available.

Try many attempts it’s not working for me at this moment .

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