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Thoughts on Tournaments

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So I had a thought ladies and gentlemen.  This police tournament that’s going on is a fantastic idea, and brings a little new bit of fun to the game outside the normal events.  I just got an idea not 2 minutes ago.  First of all let me thank Pavke, and anyone else involved in making this tournament work out ( I sincerely apologize for not knowing who you are) it certainly will take work as I see Pavke is bombarded with questions 😄

SO. The idea, yes, I will get to that now. 
I got the idea from an old game I used to play called “March of Empires”

What if tournaments were regulated in-game as a new event, but one that happened everyday? One that is automated at a certain time each day, any player can sign up, and no matter your rank you can have a fair fight. I’m thinking the tournament would bring you to a new workshop where you can make a mec out of whatever pieces are available. Say some days it would be commons-rares, others would be divine days. All players would be given the same availability of pieces AND buffs to make it 100% fair and all skill (or luck due to rng ofc).  After the tournament starts, you can watch other players battles until yours starts, and, ofc, the rounds would go down to the final. But wether you win or lose in thinkin you should get a reward depending on what round you made it too, reward increasing each time.

Idk, I think that’d be pretty cool, a fun new addition to the game 🙂

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