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New Fyp account


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So I have created a series of accounts ranging to 10-15 account I call them series because i created like 10 or 5 legacy accounts and the username to log into the account was nikongamertuter1-5 ranging to 5 accounts that was legacy accounts now I have new series the sadlifeniko where I fyp and when I get bored of an account I make a new one so this new fyp account I'm creating today will be a well kept world and I will do enything possible in my power to progress so heres the account

Screenshot_20211202-230559_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20211202-231115_Super Mechs.jpg

Feel free to give me tips and post pictures of ur guys progress

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      Were y'all happy when I was banned?

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      Cheaters at raid

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      Cheaters at raid

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