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Are you talking about Super Mechs?

Answer =

A = If you gave your data to someone it will be impossible.

B = In case you change your email, I recommend that you search through the messages to re-unlock and solve the problem.

C = Is the mail wrong? I recommend that you talk to the support, I'm talking about you Alex.


Are you from the Ancient Forum?

Answer = When this forum was created you would have to start with a new progress since both the old and the current one would be separated and would not be the same at all.

Something like what happened to the Legacy with Reloaded, a lot of coincidence. XD

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Hi Deimos. I know you were active in the previous forum. The previous forum server system was belong to TF. By the time this new forum was opened the previous remained open as was and many players prefer the previous one because at the beginning of this forum was lacking of stuff and harder to navigate on phones. Some of the old forum users still not wanting to use this one. The previous forum remained open till early this year then was separated and remained open individually but at some point the forum if I am not wrong was delete and can't recover accounts.

Now it is this forum and old information sadly it is lost for us now having so much there to be transfer. 😔 I recommend to be happy with this one and current active users. We lost some very active recently retired of the game or school things. Some of the old very active forum members are here and semi active and some still active and others joined and look and no longer comments etc or very rare to read something about them. 

The forum still useful and helpful all depending of the forum members who want s to make contributions to make it fun and good for learning. 

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      Story of how cheap SM got, 10 years ago. Back to the beginning....

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      Need help with first mythics

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