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Y’all gotta admit, party crasher Energy beam looks like it’d do a handsome amount of ene dmg. So, presenting the idea, combining malice beam and party crasher to create:  Malicious party crashing beam.

This thing, is so perfect here are the stats.

223-485 ele dmg

5 ene resist dmg

156 ene dmg

-12 ene cap dmg

+100 heat cost

+3 jump (or whatever it’s called)

44 weight

4-8 range

(lemme know if I forgot any stats :)) this 100% a joke )

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The damage, the damage, its too high or atleast cost with something of energy too because its draining too

Cost: Heat 175 with hybrid (to not cost like 210 litteraly with hybrid funtion lol) 


Cost: Heat 100 and 47 energy like the malice beam

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