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Stacked Items in Inventory (like MC)


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I know there have been a lot of difference discussions and suggestions about too less inventory slots or other similar problems. 

Currently, getting more slots is a pain due to being so expensive (but as far as i know that is either for the ultra-rich players or just plain stupid).  

As everyone (.... or most people) know, similar items in Minecraft (MC) are Stacked

So, I'm proposing that items with the same name, rarity, upgrade level, and color be put into stacks. The number per stack can be set to 64 (like MC) or however many the devs feel would be sufficient. (or they can stack like relics where it'll just have 99+ when it gets too big). The stack number would be shown in the left side just like how relics are stacked. 

Color is a big thing because some things may be colored if the player want to keep a specific item (for who knows what reasons)

The main purpose of this is .... of course, to reduce the need of wasting more tokens on inventory slots and better manage each player's inventory. As I first thought of this idea, I thought it would be the most beneficial for un-upgraded common and rare items when fooding them. Since they are going to be fooded anyways, it wouldn't really matter which one was clicked on from the stack. 

Speaking of clicking: the simplest way is still to click once for one item since shift-click would probably take a lot more programing and work [for the devs] . 


Now, I hope no one have talked about this before be, otherwise, all this planning would've been for nothing. Anyways, if anyone think this idea might ... or might not ... work, please respond. I'll check in as often as I can if anyone have questions on other details. 

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I'm not opposed to this, but I would call into question its necessity. Generally, if my inventory fills up I just pour a bunch of my commons and rares into a power kit to free up space. I've never really needed more inventory space, and although it would be convenient, I don't really need stackable items in the game. 

Also, one question: Would you be able to stack items of different levels (Ex: level on and max level item in the same stack)?

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