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I do respect every member of any clan and leader and I do not like to talk trash or make comments without understanding of my play ways.

1- I do not have to give excuses or to justify my person of my play way. 

2- I do play as I please and develop my acc as I please and I have done this in an honest way

3- You can see my OKI DOKI and O.D FARM thread progress and the comments said there and will see exactly what I am doing like I will play at low with low mechs under development.

4- Those mechs can be seen from early stage progressing little by little step by step and play at their respective rank that are belong to now R8-R6 or lower depending if 

I win or lose and quit if the player is too lower according the match maker. 

5- I use same mechs at R5-R1 to check power level when enhance a percentage to see how is getting against top players at those ranks knowing I will lose one time after another

6- I do not snurf. I play legal and honest to test current power level of those mechs. 

7- If you have a concern. Please talk to me and do not talk bla bla bla to me about rank. I am a busy man in real life. When I can play at top I play and when I can't I don't because no time in real life to focus on top etc etc etc.

8- I do respect you but I do not like any leader or player talking to me in that way because I will put anyone in their right place who ever is. Keep to you your comments and thoughts.

9- I will not be that kind to you if you do so again. I do not have beef with people here but I am a person that I will not hold back to any person or clan if get into me.

10- As leader show respect and ask before make comments. If you have concern PM me. By the way, look your mechs that are not belong to that rank. I know well what those can do. I          have an arsenal and I am a tester so I know well just saying. 




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