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How To Change My Email




soo the only thing i can acess to my acc using by my fb acc

then a suspecios hacker use user and pass and put a random email then he can acess my acc without knowing


and i know the user and pass but i dont know the email


i really need to change email and put my real email on the acc

BTW this acc is not stolen i have proof and i am apart of the WLGang clans. Im In WLGang 4,0





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6 hours ago, Exquisite Phosphorus said:

Почему вы использовали fb для входа в систему? Я использовал игры Google Play, потому что доверяю Google

(Spooky voice) How do you know won't steal your data right now. Do you even care what hands you are in? 🕵️‍♂️

Google may not tell you, but right now it knows everything about you. Think about it.






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