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Let's remember what was before and what is now. Mechastalgia


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Mechastalgia  is a combination of the word Mechs and the word nostalgia.

Greetings pilots! Obviously, you have been playing super mechs for a very long time, and during this time a lot has changed. Let's remember what happened then, remember how it was better and how worse. This is the nostalgia for the game that we have the right to remember. For beginners, this topic can be useful.

  1. Remember your first Mech and your first arena battle?
  2. Remember old things?
  3. Remember you can't get them anymore?
  4. Remember when there were no restrictions on things in the workshop before?
  5. Remember there was no division into heat, energy and physical?
  6. Remember how you had to recycle old things?
  7. Remember the old campaign map that looked like a world map?
  8. And the fact that there was no menu.
  9. Remember god mode?
  10. Remember invisible mech?
  11. Remember recovery modules?
  12. Remember the old super mechs logo?
  13. Remember the guide was up to date?
  14. Remember there were shields?
  15. Remember that there is still a slot for him in the workshop?
  16. Remember the old currency?
  17. Remember when you quit playing for a while?
  18. Remember your first premium box?
  19. Remember there were silver boxes?
  20. Remember the gold chests were even earlier?
  21. Remember that after a major update, we changed all robots in the campaign?
  22. And the fact that then they were stronger than the old 'Mechs, which could easily defeat even the very strong' Mechs of their time.
  23. Remember the old 'Mechs didn't even have 900 hp?
  24. Remember the bonus cards from which the Power Kit dropped out?
  25. And what is now called the Power Unit.
  26. Remember what the old maps looked like?
  27. Remember the parts store?
  28. Remember there were no bases?
  29. Remember there were Ultra mystical boxes?
  30. Remember the silver boxes were for tokens?
  31. And the fact that such a box was more expensive than the current premium box.
  32. Remember that mystical box looked like a premium box?
  33. Remember that you could get a mythical thing from boxing?
  34. Remember your mech healed the drone?
  35. Remember there were shells?
  36. Remember that an epic thing could be much stronger than a mythical one?
  37. Remember that there were a lot more caterpillars?
  38. Remember the energy was green?
  39. Remember your 'Mechs are still waiting for you?
  40. Remember when you sold a mixing box and other boxes for different categories of things?
  41. Remember the super mechs created for the scratch?
  42. Remember the controversy over what this game was made with?
  43. Remember it's still in beta?
  44. Remember that this is mechostalgia, not scratchstalgia?
  45. Remember the Unlimited Workshop?
  46. Remember what cool 'Mechs you made and how you dreamed about them?
  47. Remember the mixing box was more expensive with every purchase?
  48. Remember that with the rise in prices, business began to fall even more steeply?
  49. Remember that before the maximum range was not infinity, but from 1 to 1000?
  50. Remember the level map on which it was drawn, what do you get for each level?
  51. Remember the max level was 30?
  52. Remember that item leveling was free?
  53. Remember the old victory menu?
  54. Remember how you bombed because of a frantik?
  55. Remember the old teleport, flame and explosion effects? (Quantum)
  56. Remember the old paints? (Spam)
  57. Remember the old Super Mechs forum?
  58. Remember, someday the moment will come when you open the last drawer ...

Dear pilots, I suggest adding your own "Remember ..?" so that more people remember what happened before. (=

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I have a copy in some place. Now, I can tell you I still have the original leg from first mech granted common part or rare from tutorial making first mech before arena. Iron boot. It became later my second mech legs. 🤣

My first legs from tutorial.


I do not remember the first arena battle. Yes I do remember playing first the fight with my niece and we flipped a coin to see who will fight first and I was first and I know I won the fight but no clue with whom or clan or else or type of mech but I do remember had 1 rank above me and I was 25 and the person was 24 with more hp.


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