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Challenges| a potential new game mode for supermechs?


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Yesterday, in my bottomless boredom, i looked up old photos of legacy supermechs and i stumbled upon something i haven't seen it a millennia...single enemy or ai challenge bosses or just mechs. I kinda just said " ooooo i remember that!" And i brushed it off. A couple hours ago i got to thinking, " man, that would be a sweet supermecjs game mode to add and build apon. Im sure if you are a og supermechs player you would know what im talking about. More to be added in this sbjct

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So heres how i can best explain it. Like legacy campaign, its a open map. You scroll around the map and there it a ton of little paths with mechs on them. You tap or click on the little mechs to pull up a fight/ mission card that has a breif description and a picture of the mech you are fighting. Each mech would be unique from the other with difrent items, colors and names. You beat the opoment to get a reward ( either a item off of the mech you just fought or a tom of currency. This could also remove alot of the redundancy missions have and make it more interesting


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