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Paint while transform is ready



First of all, let me tell you that I have been to this forum before, as the user @Destruction. I just had to make a new account with the name of my other alt because I forgot my password :(

Anyway, I just wanted to say that on my Destruction account I wanted to paint an item, but it was ready for transformation, so I could only upgrade it with legendary items and not paint. I had this issue before, but now it is just annoying, and I want to report this issue here. If the admins see this, please can you have this fixed

ps. Don't worry, I am not my uncontrolled middle school me anymore, so for those who have been on the forums forever and remember me, do not be alarmed XD

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1 hour ago, Jajcyn420 said:

Can’t you just reset password

I tried, but then realised you can't do that when you are logged in. And now I got the obvious solution to just log out of this account, which I haven't thought of before -_-

Nevermind, I you can't reset a password if you already have another account because it tries to reset the password for this account

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