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Merging Consecutive Replies


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@Alexander Here we go again beloved buddy.

Merging replies is just...Ouch,it gives me headaches,especially as someone who every once in a while,will give long,complex and thoroughly detailed replies.

Example Fictional Story (imagine): I am replying to someone with an idea in that context.The somebody replies in between and I press enter.I would like to reply to the second dude and go through details,but of course,I am replying directly to someone and don't need to tag or shout ''HEY THIS IS FOR YOU''.Then my replies merge and what er're left with is...A mess of a message with two different contexts that make no sense and neither of the two interlocutors understand which part was for them and to where does it end.

And if 3 replies are made in a row,nobody understands one thing anymore.


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