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Your opinion on shirtless pics


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On 12/17/2020 at 10:48 PM, Darkstare said:

I am curious as to whether people like these or not. I feel like Alexander especially loves and encourages them on this forum. 🙂 

My opinion?

Of men?  Probably safe for work, though that depends.  Generally, you just know if a picture is porn (or near-porn) or not based on how it makes you feel.

Of women?  If in bra, might be near-porn, but it depends.  In general, there seems to be a lot of anime perving on the SM discord.  Probably need to hire a squad of doges with bats to put people in horny jails.

Context is everything.

Not like I really care.  This would be one of the reasons I don't participate as much on some discords (other than my crushing college and work schedules).  I'm usually happier when that type of stuff is banished into #anime or #off-topic or some other channel on the discords.

You see, I'd like to recommend this game to random people I encounter.  So long as the game and the forums/discords can keep that stuff separate from most game interaction, I'm fine with that.  I could care less what other people do in private so long as they are not harming me, themselves, or others, etc. (see the laws).  But most of my friends are Christians, and so I like how I can recommend SM to my friends' kids and not worry about pervy content.  Discord is a bit different though.

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