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Does anyone remember which battle has the most structures to destroy?



Hello Hello

I hope you are all happy and healthy as you can be in this nasty covid-19 world. I used to have a message saved in my forum sent box, that I got from one of the more experienced players, that told me what battle had the most structures to destroy. Now SuperMechs, for some reason didn't transfer our messages from the old forum to this forum and all the history I had is gone  O_o. I thought it was Lost valley battle 7 but I am getting old and that was not the right one. 🙂 Does anyone remember which zone and battle has the most structure to destroy for future challenges. I think it has 20 structures.

Thanks and have a great day



I found a new spot in the game is there a better one??

2vs2 DangerZone Battle 6

Found new info (see edit history)
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