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Please fix PvP!


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My son saw me playing SM and wanted to try it.  He's rank 18, and fought 4 straight opponents who were all or mostly maxed items.  One had 2200 hp.  That's a disgrace.  If you need to play in "easy" mode, go play Minecraft.  Stop making it miserable for new players to gain advancement.  

Alexander, PLEASE find a way to penalize people who quit battles to keep their rank low. 

Ok, rant over.

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This has always existed and I think is a bit more complex. For the administration it's an easier way to obtain money. While is true that some players quit the game, it encourages others to become payers. If you become a payer, they already caught you, because as you go up in the rank, you find this in all ranks, so if your emotions dominate your reason, you will pay more to face these smurfs.

On the player's side, for the smurf it is the search for easy wins. An initial sacrifice in exchange for wins. Sometimes they are inexperienced players who really lose a lot at the highest ranks.

For the clans, used this with an additional trick, can be very favorable easy wins.

Finally, keep in mind that with this perverse system of lowering 2 ranks at the end of each week, they may be players who have been playing very little for a few weeks ... I dont know if this is maintained in the lower ranks.

Honestly, I don't think the administration would like to penalize smurfing.

It is very difficult to tell when someone is intentionally smurfing. It may be due to problems with the connection and in any case it is a manipulation of Arena, but it isn't really prohibited.


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