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Remake Blog|| Mixed gatling

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I already made this blog in the a other supermechs community, i want to make it again 🙂

Triple Destiny/Legendary

A weapon like the Annihilation but with the diference that this has the 3 damages but only with one turn of each one, and the damage launched is random

Energy damage: 126—190, 56 energy damage, - 5 heat resistance

Heat damage: 124—192, 47 heat damage, - 5 energy resistance 

Physical damage: 167— 276, - 8 physical resistance 


Range: 1—2

Heat cost: 21 (only when heat shot) 

Energy cost: 21 (only when energy shot) 

Nothing (Physical shot


Triple Destiny/Mythical

Energy damage: 217—377, 106 energy damage, 10 resistance damage

Heat Damage: 215—379, 87 heat damage, 10 resistance damge

Physical Damage: 298—437,12 Physical resistance


Range: 1—2

Heat cost: 35 heat

Energy cost: 35 energy

Physical cost: Nothing 

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