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Super Mechs Telephone Game


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Hello all, I was thinking of ideas for a YouTube video, and I thought of the children's game telephone. I changed some rules to fit SM and think it is a pretty good idea.

The first player comes up with a mech of their choice and fights the next player just as a normal 1v1. But then the second player copies the first player's mech to the best of their ability (or sabotages the game with another random mech) and fights the third player. This process repeats until the last player. 

I will ask the opponents to record their matches so I can include them in the video.


If you are interested, please PM me here or on discord at Atusiff#3160

I do suggest you have 80+ mythicals/divines

And if you could tell me how many myth+ you have (rough estimate is fine) that would help with matching 

If you have any questions ask below as others might have the same questions.

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follow me.

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